The Right Tractor For a Small Farm

There is no doubt that the farm tractor is the main tool on the farm.

Therefore, his choice deserves great attention.

Of course, personal preferences regarding brand, sometimes appearance, price, maintenance cost and of course the needs of the farm play an important role in choosing this technique. Tractor manufacturers adapt them to these requirements by making their products as much as possible for the farm. But what exactly should a tractor have for small farms?

Universal, auxiliary, sometimes primary

It goes without saying that an agricultural tractor must be a versatile machine. If we are talking about models for small farms, then in the framework of large farms they are used as auxiliary equipment. But on small farms, such machines solve all problems without exception, which means that the requirements for them are very high.

Size is one of the main criteria. Moving inside sheds, driving through gates and entrances – all these factors place restrictions on the size of the tractor. Indeed, it is in such conditions that the machinery of a small farm works. Fortunately, today manufacturers offer a huge selection of models, among which you can choose the equipment that will best suit the given working conditions.

John Deere Farm Tractors

Power matters too

Of course, power is also an important factor. The most popular solution among Ukrainian owners of small farms is tractor models with a capacity of 65-85 hp. According to experts, this power makes this type of equipment versatile, allowing you to perform almost the entire range of agricultural work.

If you have a small gardening farm (no more than 1 hectare) and the range of work performed is not at all large, then it may be quite enough to buy a tractor with an engine power of 15 to 25 hp, especially since it will cost much cheaper than powerful analogues … For example, here you can buy a new motorcycle tractor in Ukraine for about 50 thousand hryvnia.

And don’t forget that a modern engine must be economical and environmentally friendly. Its maintenance requirements should be kept small and the maintenance itself should be as simple as possible.

The farm tractor must be agile

Almost all tractors, without exception, have good maneuverability, but there are models that have this figure above average. Of course, this largely depends on the design of the steering mechanism and front-wheel drive, but the type of drive used has an equally important effect. It has long been known that four-wheel drive tractors are the most manoeuvrable and can perform extremely difficult and precise maneuvers both in tight spaces and in open areas, and when working with a loader or forks.

It is while working with a loader (an indispensable addition to a tractor on a farm) that we can see all the advantages of this system. It provides both steering precision and the precision of the loader itself.

Hydraulics are also needed

An agricultural tractor needs to work well with a loader and that requires a good hydraulic system. The accuracy of the oil system, its performance and the operation of the controls must be at the highest level.