Garlic planting instructions

Love fresh garlic? Use these garlic planting instructions to insure you have a good harvest!

  • Plant from September 15 to November 30. The best time is after the first light frost (Usually October)
  • Plant in loose, well-drained soil with lots of organic matter
  • Plant the cloves root end down, pointed end up, and 6 – 8” apart. Cover with 2” of soil and mulch on top of the soil. Leave the outer skin on the clove.
  • Cloves will begin to sprout in 4 – 8 weeks. This is normal and the garlic will overwinter just fine.
  • In the spring, water 1” per week. Keep weeds under control.
  • Harvest garlic after leaves begin to die back, usually in June or July.
  • Dig the garlic carefully and brush the dirt off. Do not wash or refrigerate the garlic.
  • Keep your nicest bulbs for replanting.